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QUA Granite is celebrating the New Year with success! • DeCombo

We combine quality and aesthetics throughout Türkiye QUA granite, With the successful steps in 2023, it transforms the aesthetics of nature into the certainty of the future.

With its facilities covering 798,724 square meters of open area and 170,292 square meters of closed area in Aydın Söke Organized Industrial Zone, QUA Granite, which aims to lead with the highest value-added product group in the flooring industry, will make a difference worldwide with its exports and writes in every corner different stories by strengthening its domestic dealer network. continues.

QUA Granite, accelerating its steps and continuing its efforts to achieve greater goals every day, strengthens its industry leadership this year with its environmentally friendly production approach, offering the perfect harmony of naturalness and durability in 81 provinces.

In 2023, QUA not only followed the trends but also led the industry with its designs that brought the splendor of nature into homes with its wide range of over 500 products. QUA not only keeps its promise to nature, but also keeps its promise of being a high-quality and reliable manufacturer with more than 400 domestic and foreign customers, and strives to achieve its new goals with its 1500 employees and a huge team to dream of a better tomorrow.

Investments and capacity increase:

QUA Granite continues its activities in the production of technical granite and glazed granite (granite tiles) and not only has the largest technical granite production plant in Turkey, but also increased its annual capacity to 41 million m² with the newly opened production line and will become Turkey’s leading producer in 2023. has become the largest manufacturer of technical granite.

Export and domestic strengthening:

QUA, which has expanded its global influence by exporting its products with nature’s unique combination to more than 94 countries, has strengthened its domestic dealer network and established its roots in 81 provinces.

Art for the sustainability meeting:

QUA Granite became Contemporary Istanbul’s main partner by transforming the inspiration it received from nature into art, and the stones provided for recycling were transformed and brought to life in the creative hands of artist Ömer Beijing. Inspired by stone monuments, QUA Pavilion designer Ömer Beijing’s work offers not only an aesthetic approach, but also a process that contributes to the sustainability of QUA’s journey.

Look to the future with confidence:

Qua Granite, which was in the final of the Sustainable Business Awards in 2023 with its “100% use of process wastewater” project, was the first and only company in its industry to purify all the water used in production and reintroduce it into production with the in treatment facilities set up at the factory and was included in Fortune, Capital and ISO 500. It was included in the 2023 company lists and was among the largest companies in Turkey.

QUA Granite Sales and Marketing Director Yasin Erdoğan,

“In the new year we are full of dreams of the new roads we will travel…”

“Our customers in all provinces will reach our branches in the new year. With our products we give rooms aesthetics and elegance and bring the beauty of nature into the homes, workplaces and lives of our people. In line with our mission to bring the quality of QUA granite to a wider audience, we currently work with over 60 authorized dealers in 7 regions of Turkey and are proud to export to over 100 countries on 5 continents, especially in the USA and the EU countries. As we walk hand in hand and confidently into the future with our dealers, business partners, employees and customers, we are full of dreams and anticipation of the new paths we will take in the new year…”

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