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QUA Granite left its mark at the Cersaie trade fair with its innovative • DeCombo products

QUA Granite, the largest manufacturer of technical granite in Turkey and the second largest manufacturer of technical granite in the world, participated in the 40th Cersaie Fair in Italy. With its design vision, high product quality and wide product variety, it has left its mark worldwide.

The Cersaie Fair, the world’s largest international ceramics organization, welcomed thousands of industry experts and visitors in its 40th year. QUA Granite, which took part in the fair in Italy from September 25th to 29th, attracted great attention with its new series, original designs and the gala evening on the theme of “Light” at the Palazzo Re Enzo.

It brought “light” to the Cersaie fair

QUA Granite exports to more than 100 countries and continues to successfully represent Turkey on the international stage. The company, which delights its industry and customers with its production performance, its environmentally friendly production approach and its wide product portfolio, once again this year, as every year, won the admiration of its customers at the Cersaie trade fair, where the global ceramics industry meets.

QUA Granite held its traditional gala evening at the Cersaie fair on September 26th at Palazzo Re Enzo. This special evening was illuminated with the theme of “light” by QUA Granite and innovative products.

Presents 33 new series according to your taste

Qua Granite took the stage at the Cersaie fair with 33 new ceramic series. Among the series specially prepared for the exhibition were collections with different applications, including soft matt finish, shaped and different surface materials, as well as products with full gloss surfaces. In addition, the rectified wood look series 20×120 and three new 2 cm thick series were introduced for the first time.

QUA Granite combines the warm texture of wood with the durability of granite.

QUA Granite, which brings all the liveliness of nature into rooms with its superior pattern and color technology, presented its new series with a sanded wood look in the 20×120 cm format at the Cersaie trade fair. The company, which has 17 different series in 20×120 format with different pattern and color options, offers aesthetic solutions with its wide product portfolio that meet every need.

Deputy General Manager of QUA Granite Çiğdem Çakır Suna:

“This year’s Cersaie trade fair was a great success for QUA Granite. In this important organization, which we prepared especially for the 40th anniversary of the Cersaie Fair, we had the opportunity to successfully represent the Turkish ceramics industry and our product portfolio worldwide. All the products we offered during the show, especially our outstanding 20×120 wood-effect series and our 60×120 Gracia series with 9 different color options, once again highlighted our environmentally friendly production approach coupled with aesthetics. Furthermore, on the second day of the fair we had a pleasant evening with our distributors, customers and business partners at the gala night on the theme of light that we organized in the famous building of Bologna, the Palazzo Re Enzo. “We will continue to make a difference in the industry by maintaining our global success with our innovative products and solutions,” he said.

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