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Home » Should you choose wooden, rattan or metal garden furniture? – My home

Should you choose wooden, rattan or metal garden furniture? – My home

In order for garden furniture to be used for many years without losing its form and functionality, the furniture’s materials must be durable and designed for outdoor use. So what kind of material should you choose?


I believe in the charm of wood both indoors and outdoors. That’s why I say “wood” with my eyes closed when buying outdoor furniture. However, if, like me, you like solid wood and a form that is as unprocessed as possible, there are many points to consider when buying garden furniture.

If you buy raw wood garden furniture, it should be a durable and low-maintenance tree like teak. Teak wood, which is one of the hardest woods in nature and does not wear out even in the harshest weather conditions, is one of the preferred products with its naturally contained oil.

When selecting teak garden furniture, it is important to ensure that these products come from state-approved forests and that real A-quality trees are used. When choosing teak patio furniture, the age of the tree used for the product and the way the furniture was made must also be considered. Dried with the right firing methods and processed with the right machines, teak brings the most durable garden furniture to life and can be used for many years without wear and tear. It is well known that furniture made from trees such as juniper, white oak, cedar and chestnut can last 15 to 20 years with regular care.

If that doesn’t tire you, I think you can use any of these trees, especially in areas like balconies and patios that aren’t in direct contact with water. If it comes in contact with soil and grass, you can opt for teak. Also, I don’t think any furniture can be as visually stunning as wood. You’ll find it works wonders in both the dining area and living area.

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For me, craftsmanship and aesthetic details are indispensable in outdoor decoration. Therefore, rattan garden furniture, which features many different patterns perfectly knitted from natural materials, is high on my list of favorites.

But as with any natural material, there are also a number of obligations when it comes to care: Regular polishing! If you do, you are sure to enjoy it for many years to come. However, this is of course not your only option when it comes to rattan furniture. You can also opt for synthetic rattan, which can withstand harsh weather conditions and is very easy to care for. When buying synthetic rattan, you should pay attention to the processing. Synthetic rattan furniture, which can be used in all seasons, has high flexibility and is tension-resistant, with its easy cleaning is also the reason for my preference.

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The answer I will give without hesitation is of course metal. If you ask why: I am a mother of twins and I also work. I have to make very good use of my time, but on the other hand, as a decoration editor, aesthetics and elegance are among my essentials. Here’s an alternative to patio furniture that I can find all together: metal furniture! It’s very easy to clean. No maintenance is required.

I can’t choose materials like wood and rattan because kids often spill things on them. My favorite is wrought iron furniture. White, black, or colored are great. Also, I like to see the Iron Master’s elegant embroidery on those curves. Aluminum is also very popular nowadays because it can withstand all weather conditions and can be used for many years without any problems because it does not oxidize. Aluminum patio furniture is also preferred because it is lightweight and easy to maintain. It leaves no stains, simply wipe with a soapy cloth. Shiny metallic gray and lemon green are some of my favorites for aluminum furniture.

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