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Simple and Refreshing Recipes – My Home

Practical iced tea recipes We are with you. If you want to make a refreshing drink during the hot summer months, this easy to make cold, Iced tea recipes you will love it. Here are the necessary materials and things you can do…


  • 8 teaspoons black tea of ​​your choice
  • 1 medium lemon
  • 8 glasses of water


  • Put your tea in the teapot (you can also choose special teapots for cold tea) and add 8 glasses of boiled water.
  • Leave for 5 minutes.
  • Strain your tea and allow the teapot to cool.
  • After cooling, you can add pieces of fruit, sugar or honey, as well as plenty of ice. However, if you want to add sugar or honey, we recommend you do it over hot tea.
  • You can prepare fruity winter teas using the same method as cold tea.

Recipe beta tea


Materials: Tea bags, brown sugar or honey, ice, slices of lemon and a few basil leaves, depending on the number of people.

Brew the tea. Optionally add sugar, honey or molasses to sweeten while hot. We chose brown sugar. Let the tea cool, add sugar. After your tea has cooled, divide it into glasses. Add fresh lemon slices, ice and lightly crushed basil before serving. Basil adds flavor to your presentation and tea.

Keep that in mind while you do it!

We have tips on how to increase the taste coefficient when preparing cold tea of ​​different flavors.

Spiced Iced Tea:
While making classic iced tea, you can make iced tea in different flavors by adding fresh ginger slices, cinnamon bark or cloves and cardamom to it during the brewing phase. Don’t forget to remove the spices you put in with the tea bag.

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Mint Iced Tea: While you are preparing your cold tea syrup, add half a bunch of mint and let cool until cool. Once cool, drain and add to the brewed tea.

Iced tea with blackcurrants: You can add your own interpretation to your cold tea. Get the flavor you want by adding fresh fruits to ready-made teas. We preferred the blackcurrant, which we chopped up slightly and stripped of its aroma. It also looks very stylish.

Practical iced tea recipes so much. If you want “COLD DRINKYou can also find more recipes for soft drinks on our website.

Recipe for green iced tea with watermelon – cold drink for 8 people

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