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Small bathroom designs and decoration ideas 2023 • DeCombo

Inspiring small bathroom designs and decoration ideas. small bathrooms Creative decoration suggestions for each other. stylish and Modern small bathroom designs. Suggested solutions that will make your bathroom appear much larger than it is…

Are you ready to turn a tiny bathroom into a useful and stylish space? With a few simple changes, you can have a much more useful and spacious bathroom than before. This article will help you save space small bathroom furniture We’ve shared choices, storage solutions, and some design tricks. We guarantee that your bathroom will become your favorite room in your home after following the recommendations below. 😉 Here it is, cleverly done small bathroom designs and decoration ideas

Note: If you like a simple, minimalist and tidy look in your bathroom; Modern bathroom models and decoration ideas Don’t forget to read our article too!

Small bathroom ideas

1. Prefer rounded lines

small bathroom design for furniture and sanitary ware When choosing, choose round line models instead of angular and geometric line models. This makes it easier for you to move around in a confined space and makes your bathroom appear wider than it is.

2. Benefit from the refreshing effect of white

The most popular way to make a room appear more spacious than it is is to use bright colors. This method small bathrooms also applies to a pure white bathroom decoration This way you can get a very spacious bathroom. In addition, your work with bathroom ceramics and sanitary products where you will find a thousand and one kinds of white is very easy!

3. Eliminate boundaries with a frameless shower enclosure

frameless shower goggles, a small bathroom It removes the visual limit inside. Because patterned or frosted shower glass creates a wall effect, clear glass should be preferred whenever possible. So you don’t feel cramped in the smallest of spaces when showering and your bathroom isn’t visually divided. Using the same ceramic models as the rest of the bathroom on the floor and wall in the shower stall will further enhance this effect.

If you wish, you can add character to the bathroom decoration by using a colored but translucent glass, as in the example below. This simple method will work for you, especially if you find an all-white bathroom boring and clinical.

4. Choose a minimalist and simple design

whatever your style is small bathroom decoration The most important thing to look out for is a design that is as modern and minimalist as possible. Avoid unnecessary details and exaggerated patterns. And keep your toiletries organized. For example, you can store your make-up and body care items or spare towels outside of the bathroom. So, instead of a large bathroom cabinet, you can use a simple countertop or a suspended monobloc washbasin.

Reflective surfaces such as a frameless flat mirror model, clear shower glass and large format glossy ceramic tiles are the other small bathroom decoration ideas belongs to it. In addition, soft and natural shades have clean lines. modern bathroom furniture It will also make your bathroom look a lot bigger than it is.

5. Choose Closets

Wall mounted bathroom cabinets make the bathroom appear larger than it is as they don’t take up any floor space. It also has a more modern and lighter look. small bathroom designs Among the hanging bathroom cabinets that are very useful for your bathroom, you can easily find the most suitable sizes and models for your bathroom.

6. Use a monochrome color palette

small bathroom decoration Choose a color palette that is monochromatic, that is, made up of different tones of a single color. Choose a pastel color and stick to that color for important details like furniture and ceramics. you will use bathroom accessories You can add other colors, patterns and textures to the main color. Or a stylish finish with black grout between white tiles as above. Black and white bathroom design you can do

7. Benefit from the magical effects of ceramics

Ceramics and tiles used on bathroom surfaces are the factors that most affect the perception of size. For this reason small bathroom designs The most important thing to pay attention to is the choice of ceramics and tiles. a small bathroom When choosing the pattern of tiles and ceramics for tiles and ceramics, preference should be given to patterns such as marble, which do not have obvious connecting lines and complement each other side by side.

Another important point is bathroom floor and the use of the same patterned pottery on the walls. In this way, the starting and ending lines of the ceramic merge into one another and appear as one surface. This allows us to perceive a small bathroom as much larger than it is.

8. Draw attention to the wallpaper

The best way to hide a small bathroom is to distract attention. For that, you can use stunning wallpaper in your bathroom. If you think that the wallpaper that we are not used to in the bathroom is useless for humid places, special wallpapers for humid and hot environments are sold. From the size of the bathroom to its confident design, you can grab attention with a quality wallpaper that reflects your style. Don’t forget to choose a unique, interesting and bold pattern for it!

9. Independent and functional storage solutions

Portable and multifunctional furniture is a must for small spaces. Unlike fixed bathroom cabinets, independent storage solutions allow you to move your bathroom items to a different location at any time. small bathroom facility Baskets and stools are very useful for keeping your bathroom care and cosmetic items organized with a multi-layer portable basket like below. So if you want to expand the space or the bathroom is full, you can move the items you don’t use to your bedroom. Such portable, lightweight and wheeled organizers small bathroom facility Ideal for

10. Decorate with stylish accessories

Bathroom renovation is an expensive affair. If you don’t have the budget to renovate the entire bathroom, you can also resort to accessories. small bathroom design You can do wonders for Start by choosing a theme that reflects your taste. Then lighting, mirrors, small bathroom accessories and buy bath linen.

If you have a classic style, you can give your bathroom a unique touch with the accessories that you can buy at the antique shop. The metal basin, old wall mosaics and colorful flowers on the vintage console above look very inspiring. And the lettering template on the wall below (metal wall accessories can be used instead) is a great idea to turn heads!

11. Use the illusion of mirrors

it’s time Small bathroom ideas One of the most popular methods among mirrors, in bathrooms, like any other small space, mirrors reflect light and make the room appear much larger than it is. For this you can hang a huge mirror on the wall or make your bathroom appear twice as large with mirror wall tiles. Or you can do both as above. 🙂

12. Make the most of the ceiling height

small bathroom designs It is very important to make maximum use of ceiling height in manufacturing. The higher the height of the bathroom cabinets, full-length mirror and shower glass, the more you attract attention. This makes the bathroom ceiling appear higher than it is. This method is especially effective for bathrooms with narrow and low ceilings.

13. Remove the shower tray and make a shower room

You can also use a shower cubicle without a shower tray in your bathroom. In other words, you can build a “shower room”. Think about what’s wrong with using a small shower tray? Namely, the shower tray sizes are standard, which further constrains your already small space. It also makes the bathroom look smaller as it splits the flooring. Instead, you can create a more spacious, useful, and modern space by covering the desired area in the bathroom with a frameless shower glass. small bathroom design you can do

We hope the above small bathroom designs and decoration ideas has inspired you. If you want to decorate your bathroom in a “modern” style, Modern bathroom models and decoration ideas We encourage you to read our article.

To get decorating suggestions for other small spaces in your home Small squares to visit our site; for inspiration on various topics related to your home decoration And house decoration Don’t forget to visit our pages! 🙂

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