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Small bedroom decorating ideas and examples 2023 • DeCombo

with all details small bedroom decoration Guide! In this text; How to decorate a small bedroom, How to design a small bedroom You will find answers to questions such as: Here over 25 different examples small bedroom decoration ideas

Each bedroom has different sizes and proportions and therefore requires a different layout. Particularly small bedroom design It requires extra effort. small bedroom decoration The biggest mistake that was made bedroom set is to buy. Often this results in furniture that is forcibly crammed into the bedroom with zero freedom of movement.

We small bedroom furniture We are in favor of buying separately. In this article, Models and examples of small bedrooms above How to decorate a small bedroom, How to decorate a small bedroom We shared answers to questions like: Here with inspiring examples Decorating ideas and designs for small bedrooms:

Small Bedroom Furniture Designs:

Simplify with minimalist furniture

As the minimalist lifestyle has become all the rage, how would you like to adapt your bedroom to this trend? Especially if you have a small bedroom, minimalist furniture will be your salvation. Simple and functional bedroom furniture, away from unnecessary details and pomp, relax both your eyes and mind. When you buy a new mattress, never buy a king size mattress (180*200)! Choose a double bed (160 x 200) or 140 x 190 with six drawers or storage space.

Round line furniture illusion

Rounded furniture makes your room appear more spacious than it is. It prevents you from bumping into things by easing the transitions in the small bedroom.

Bring freshness with open closet systems

With hanging shelves and hangers you save floor space and have more storage space. open closet systemsBecause they are usually modular, they give you the flexibility to create the most suitable layout for the shape of your space. Indoor and outdoor different if you like Wardrobe You can also create a combination of layouts.

Build your dressing table yourself

Design a small vanity for your small bedroom. To do this, you can get inspiration from the “do-it-yourself dressing tables” examples you can find on the internet, or you can create a simple design consisting of a few pieces that you attach to the wall as above. It’s very easy to design an inexpensive and useful dressing table by combining different parts!

Double your space with a foldable work shelf

Who said a small bedroom can’t have a desk? If you want, you can turn an ordinary shelf that you mount on the wall into a small work corner, as in the example.

Even if you don’t have a bedside table

It’s true that every bed needs a bedside table, but why limit yourself to a standard-sized bedside table? In addition, while there are many options that you can use instead of the bedside table. At the head of your bed, for example, you can use a suitably sized caisson or nesting table. Or you can bring freshness into the room with a modern side table and, if necessary, create additional storage space by placing baskets and boxes underneath.

Daybed isn’t just for kids

Using a day bed instead of a standard double bed in a small bedroom is beneficial in a number of ways. Daybeds not only serve as a place to sit when you are not sleeping, but give the room a regular and spacious look thanks to its compact sleeping area. You can also gain additional storage space in your room with daybed models with six drawers.

Storage space for small bedrooms:

Shelves, shelves, shelves

bedroom decoration Adding shelves to your walls can give you surfaces to place your books and decorative items on. Placing the shelves close to the ceiling will create a sense of height in a small room. It also allows you to use the bottom of the shelves for different purposes, saving space.

Remember that it is very important to use wall space efficiently when decorating small bedrooms.

Don’t forget to rate your toe

Since the front of the bed is a little-used part, it is ideal for use as a shelf and seat. For example, you can store your books, blankets or shoes by placing baskets and boxes under a simple bench. Or you can create your own design by turning a bookshelf on its side and adding a cushion like below. So you don’t need to buy a bedside bench or bedside stool.

You can also easily and inexpensively make the right items for your bedroom yourself.

Bedside table instead of bedside table

Don’t want to keep the things you love at the head of your bed? The eye-catcher in bedrooms is often the headboard. With a thin bedside table, you can use this space to display your decorative items. Especially if you don’t have room for a bedside table; You can leave your things like phones, glasses and books here. For safety reasons, we recommend using a rack with frame rack style tabs.

Functional and charismatic ladders

small bedroom decoration for cheap, easy and cool Another method is to use the stairs. You can use a wooden ladder, which you can easily find on the internet, as a bedside table by your bedside table or next to your dressing table to hang your bags, shawls, jewelry or your clothes. Plus without leaving a nail mark on the wall!

Decoration and design for small bedrooms:

How should the beds be set up?

The best method for arranging the bed in a small bedroom is to lean the bed against the wall or in the corner of the room. Even if you have enough space, don’t spend it centering the bed on the wall, use it for different functions.

Put your bed in front of the window

Wall space is as valuable as the floor in a small bedroom and should not be wasted. By placing the headboard toward the window, you save those valuable spaces. The window and the curtains also form the focal point of the bedroom. By making your bed the focal point, you balance the design.

Divide the space into segments

Perhaps you live in a one-room apartment or would like to set up a workspace in your bedroom. By using a double-sided bookcase, you can create different usage areas, such as sleeping, working, sitting, even in a small bedroom. This gives you additional storage space without blocking the passage of light.

Small bedroom lighting ideas:

Natural light first

You know how important light is in a small space. To make your room seem more spacious than it is, you should choose light, light curtains and blinds as much as possible.

Sconces instead of lampshades

Lampshades are a poor choice for illuminating an already cramped bedroom. You can hang appliques on either side of your bed that work the same as the lampshade. Sconces are one of the coolest lighting alternatives to save space.

bedroom chandelier

Another cool bedroom lighting option is pendant lights. You can free up bedside space by hanging stylish and simple chandeliers like the picture in your bedroom. This type of lighting will probably suffice for your entire room.

Other Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

White bedroom

I don’t think we need to say that using light colors creates a spacious effect for small bedrooms. However, it is worth noting; Paint the bedroom walls and ceiling white, use light-colored linens and bedspreads, buy a white bedroom set, or paint your furniture white. In addition, you can enhance the effect by painting the bedroom door a tone darker from the walls.

Magic mirrors

Another popular way to make small spaces appear bigger is by using mirrors. The most strategic placement for bedroom mirrors is on the walls on either side of the bed. If you like eye-catching designs, you can also add a large mirror to the side of the ceiling facing the bed.

Create a focal point

Eye-catchers in bedrooms are usually the window or the headboard. Your task is to intensify the decoration on the part that draws attention when you enter the room. You can decorate the window front with decorative objects or liven up the wall behind the bed with interesting motifs. Colorful decorative pillows and bedspreads on your bed are the most important accessories for bedroom decoration.

wall mount everything

bedroom furniture When choosing, make sure that it can be hung on the wall if possible. If necessary, mount the TV on the wall. Use closets and shelves for your clothes and books. Increase your range of motion as much as possible.

Clean your air

Who said there are no plants in the bedroom! You can create your own private oasis by adding air-purifying, broadleaf, and flowerless plants to your bedroom. Even a few small plants are enough to add style by changing the mood of your bedroom from every angle. 🙂

With a little creativity and effort, you can turn the smallness of your bedroom into an asset; You can have an original, creative and stylish bedroom. Experiment and discover something new, extraordinary and daring! We hope so above small bedroom decoration ideashas inspired you to organize your bedroom. If you found your own solutions and applications, please share them with us in the comments.

To get decorating suggestions for other small spaces in your home Small squares to visit our site; for inspiration on various topics related to your home decoration And house decoration Don’t forget to visit our pages! 🙂

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