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Small toilet models and toilet decoration examples 2023 • DeCombo

Very stylish and modern small toilet models and decoration examples. Inspiring for different styles Toilet Designs. Small ideas for toilet decoration And modern toilet models

small toiletsin another saying Guest toiletsare the sections that are often ignored when decorating. However, with a few small and inexpensive changes, you can have a stylish toilet like those found in luxury cafes and restaurants! Ready to make a big impact in these small spaces? Here you can get inspiration small toilet models and the most stylish toilet decoration examples

Toilet decoration ideas

Toilet wall decoration

Whether you are renewing your existing toilet or completely redecorating, wall coverings and decoration Toilet decoration ideas It is the most effective method among them. For this you can use waterproof wallpaper, tiles, natural stone coatings or colorful wall paint. You can also use different materials together, like in the examples below.

Printed wallpaper is the most practical way to create a stylish toilet. Wallpapers with small patterns make the room appear larger, while large patterns make it appear smaller. The same applies to ceramics. small toilets For this purpose, you should choose small-patterned tiles or ceramics that look like they are made from a single piece when combined, such as wood and marble.

You can also make a small toilet feel large and spacious by covering the floor and walls with the same ceramic tiles or using different materials for the bottom and top halves of the walls.

Toilet furniture

small toilets The only furniture used for bathroom cabinets is usually bathroom cabinets. In fact, in small rooms it is better to use open shelves instead of closed cabinets. For example, by attaching baskets to the shelves and floor, you can store excess toilet paper, towels and cosmetic items neatly and stylishly.

If you are one of those who like to read something on the toilet, you can use newspaper and magazine holders; You can consider lightweight and stylish storage options such as portable multi-layer metal shelves. However, if you absolutely need a closed cabinet, opt for wall cabinets.

Toilet lighting and accessories

Although some have frosted glass windows, they are mostly windowless and dark. small toilets Lighting is important for spot lighting is the most practical solution for small spaces. However, it is necessary to support the mirror area with sconces. If you wish, you can use a pendant lamp or chandelier that reflects your style. small toilet decoration You can give it a different touch.

Toilet accessories Aspect; With a stylishly framed mirror, artwork, decorative ornaments and stylish storage boxes, you can transform an ordinary toilet into a cool place. In addition, you can bring liveliness to the decoration with real or artificial plants and create a fragrant environment with scented sticks and candles.

At work, Toilet decoration Stylish and cool products for you to be inspired by small toilet models And Examples of modern toilets:

Small toilet models

You can draw the eye upward by covering half of a small toilet with a different material. In addition, if you use a mosaic with a small geometric pattern like the one above, the connecting lines of the ceramic disappear and the entire surface looks like a single piece. This makes the area appear larger than it is. Frosted glass windows and plywood paneling give the room a bright and modern look.

This sophisticated toilet example is proof that a small space can be transformed into an eye-catching and stylish place! In addition to wallpaper and artwork, a bookshelf was also added for those who like to spend long periods of time on the toilet. 😀

This small powder room with moss green walls features colorful floor tiles and a small accessory shelf.

black and white designs, Bathroom and toilet decoration It is one of the most popular and easiest design methods. Covering the walls with black and white striped wallpaper is more than enough to transform a small toilet. It would be amazing if a black marble sink, black thick framed mirror and wicker baskets were added like above! 😉

Wallpapers with small patterns make small rooms appear larger than they are. In the example above, white furniture and tiles are combined with a small geometric patterned wallpaper and a stylish mirror.

The colorful toilet, has a very fun concept with its walls painted in bright red tones and its eclectic decoration style. You can create an art gallery atmosphere by decorating all your walls with paintings.

Toilet walls Using dark colors won’t be overwhelming in those places where you won’t be staying for long. For example, you can use brass fittings and accessories along with a dark blue wall like the one above.

Stylish toilet designs

How about some floral wallpaper on the walls and even the cupboards (!) to take heart from this ambitious toilet design reminiscent of a botanical garden? Another eye-catching detail of this fun design is the handcrafted ceramic sink.

This hotel stands out for its wonderful wall color and ceramics. stylish toilet; It features classic details with a sink, basket, toilet paper holder, mirror, paintings and accessories.

The stylish and striking effect of petrol blue and brass is doubled by the black and white patterned floor tiles and pedestal sink.

If you have a bohemian decorating style, this is a confident style Toilet model only for you! Gray-painted brick walls highlight the yellow-patterned fabric; With black and white tiles, vintage framed mirrors and paintings, it has become a visual feast.

If you have a classic decorating style, how about reflecting it in your restroom decor? A gold printed wallpaper like above, mirror paneling on the ceiling and walls, a stylish crystal chandelier, sculptures and flowers are more than enough to create a classic ambience.

This example of a toilet completely covered in wallpaper; It features some interesting decorative details such as a black marble base sink shelf, a dog figurine and wall sconces.

The colorful wallpaper mockup used in this example creates an eye-catching backdrop for the octagonal mirror and wall sconces.

Examples of modern toilets

This is the case with the marble-like ceramics that continue along the floor and opposite wall small toilet It looks wider and taller than it actually is. Copper sink and pipe details, combined with the marble look, give the room an industrial elegance. Artificial plants brought liveliness to the environment.

The stylish toilet In this example, dark wood and black panels were used together. The small toiletWith its modern lines, mirror details and muted spot lighting, it looks modern and eye-catching.

With its elegant detail of the integrated sink and the black and white design, this toilet example has a modern and minimalist style.

Simple and with great details for a small toilet, this one Toilet designimpresses with its wood-like ceramic coating, which draws the eye upwards.

The elegance that dark colors and marble texture bring to the toilet design is undeniable! The wallpaper in the background, the round mirror and the elegant flowers in the vase double this elegance and create a luxurious and contemporary atmosphere.

In this example of a toilet that has a very minimalist design, a few small accessories make a big impact.

The small toilet During the design, the wall behind the built-in toilet was used as a shelf. The toilet paper holder, a green plant, a basket and black accessories add character and style to this ordinary white toilet.

With its concrete-like ceramic coating, this one is modern toilet decoration; It features stylish details such as pendant lamps, paintings and accessories.

With the gray textured wallpaper, black metal details and simple design, this small toilet exudes industrial elegance.

Simple, minimalist and stylish small toilet model more! The wall behind the toilet was painted in anthracite and highlighted wooden shelves and brass accessories. The green plant in the corner adds liveliness to the environment.

This toilet has a fun and young design; It stands out for its half wood tile paneling, chalkboard wall and fun lighting.

We hope to share it small toilet models and small toilet decoration examples It was useful for you. If you have anything else you think should be included in this article, Examples or ideas for toilet decorations If you have any, please share them with us in the comments.

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