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Spacious living under 50 square meters

Time is pressing and we feel it in the most beautiful living spaces. So much so that the square footage of the houses now determines the style of decoration.


Rapid urbanization and the rise of large metropolises make practical living in small spaces more and more popular. That is why interest in apartment living is increasing day by day and the old saying “chickpea room bean sofa” is gaining more meaning every day.

However, the square meters are shrinking; It also comes with some problems, such as clutter, suffocating areas, and an inability to reflect people’s tastes and character. Either people have to live in a cluttered house with few belongings because there is no space.


It can be quite a challenge to plan a living space that meets basic needs like rest, sleep and food in a place the size of a bird’s nest. However, it is not impossible. Just like this house designed by Studio Mama.

  • The starting point of this tiny living space are the closet systems with drawers emerging from them, the hidden compartments that when pulled out create a seating and work surface, and the multifunctional products such as the foldable and removable bed the wall.
  • A sliding system is preferred for the covers, separating the areas to save space.
  • Pastel yellow, pink and blue tones are used to make the whole room brighter and more spacious.
  • Mirrors placed in some key places like blind corners and empty doors make the room feel spacious thanks to the reflection effect.
  • While the widest wall below creates the impression of a wall, in the evening when opened it transforms into a comfortable double bed.
  • The bed wall opposite is planned as a kitchen and dining area.
  • The other side of kitchen cabinets is a functional system that includes a bathroom, wardrobe and closet.


This 18 m² living area with a mezzanine is a small and modest apartment. It is functional and comfortable, enriched with stylish details.

  • The kitchen and bathroom at the entrance and the sleeping area on the mezzanine are based on a simple furnishing.
  • The steep and narrow stairs leading to the upper floor are designed to provide ample storage space.
  • In the sleeping area towards the middle gallery, the bunk bed gains in functionality through an attachable coffee table attached to the handrails and a bedside lamp.
  • The lower gallery area consists of a sofa, a small coffee table and two high bar stools for the counter.
  • The wide niche forming the stairs to the upper floor was intended for the house’s kitchen cabinets.
  • While additional storage space is created at the bottom of the stairs, the mirror set between the kitchen worktops adds depth to this predominantly white and gray area.


In houses with less square meters, it is difficult to provide comfort. Many designers start with vertical space analysis. Because in this way, a small room can appear larger more easily with different concepts, from the pull-out bed to the skylight. Just like in this small loft style apartment.

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