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Spend the winter healthy with 5 natural wonders – Evim

As the weather gets colder, winter clothes, wool sweaters and coats take their place in our wardrobes. Our wardrobe is ready for winter… But what about our bodies? What do we eat on cold days to strengthen our body's immune system, what do we consume to prevent the flu? Nutrition and diet specialist Derya Fidan gave nutritional tips to prevent illnesses in winter…

In the cold winter months, you should pay more attention to your immune system, which acts as a protective shield against disease, and strengthen it by taking nutritional supplements. The immune system, a defense mechanism made up of warrior cells in our body, has developed some mechanisms that recognize and neutralize pathogens in order to survive. Our protection against infectious diseases, bacteria and viruses, including rapidly progressive diseases such as cancer, depends on our immune system being strong and healthy. The most important factor for a healthy functioning immune system is an adequate and balanced diet. Especially in the winter months, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals help to strengthen the immune system.

Gut-friendly paradise date

The paradise date, which is abundant in our country, is very rich in fiber. Persimmon, also known as persimmon and a source of vitamins and minerals, is one of the most popular fruits of the winter months. Persimmon, which has many benefits for our body, plays an active role in protecting against infections by strengthening the immune system. It prevents constipation by ensuring the functioning of the gastrointestinal system due to its high fiber content and acts as a protective shield against cancer in our body as it is rich in antioxidants.


It contains many vitamins, especially sulfur, potassium, selenium, as well as vitamins B1 and C. Consuming apple juice, carrot juice and broccoli juice together gives the body resistance and strengthens its fight against diseases. At the same time, the vitamin A contained in broccoli protects the skin's cell membranes. It helps keep your skin healthy by protecting it from damage caused by winter cold and ultraviolet radiation.

Our energy source is spinach

Spinach has been used in alternative medicine to treat illnesses since ancient times due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals it contains. Spinach is very low in calories and fat, making it easier to lose weight. In addition, it is rich in soluble fiber, which is very nutritious. While this fiber, which spinach contains in abundance, is crucial for the health of the digestive system in general, it also helps solve constipation problems.

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A must for green tea

Green tea, which is widely consumed today, has many benefits for the body. It has been found to contain catechin and polyphenol, which are plant antioxidants, strengthens the immune system and prevents the spread of the flu virus in the body. At the same time, studies on its effect on weight loss show that green tea suppresses the feeling of hunger, accelerates metabolism and prevents fat accumulation with its strong antioxidant effect. Studies have shown that it balances high blood pressure by regulating blood pressure and reduces the risk of a heart attack by preventing belly fat. This means that even in the cold of winter we do not forget to drink 2 cups of green tea every day.


Thanks to the high vitamin C content of orange, it gives the body resistance to diseases that occur in the winter season. Colds and flu-like infections are overcome more quickly. The vitamin B and phosphorus it contains strengthen the nervous system and relieve physical fatigue. While it strengthens the liver of those of us exposed to bad air, it purifies the blood and ensures the removal of harmful substances from the body. Therefore, don't forget the orange in your daily fruit portion.

The way to stay healthy is through hygiene

Healthy, healing and delicious winter soup recipes will warm you up.

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