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Start spring fresh and colorful by renewing your shelves – Home

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Start spring fresh and colorful by renewing your shelves, whether in the kitchen or in the hallway.


You can paint the wooden panels you buy at the hardware store and use them as shelves on your walls.

You can also add extra movement to the wall by hanging shelves of different colors asymmetrically.

Photo: Primark Home.

With the arrival of spring, home decoration begins to be renewed. Colors, patterns and textures show up in every corner of the house. The layout and use of the house also plays an important role. With the arrival of spring, refreshing the shelves at home can help you start fresh and colorful.

Shelves in your home are one of the most important parts in your living spaces like the kitchen or the hallway. These shelves can be used for decorative purposes and can also be used as storage. Therefore, you can increase both your decoration and your storage space by renewing your shelves.

Before you start renovating, you should determine the purpose of your shelves. For example, shelves used in the kitchen can be used to store spice bottles, cookbooks, kitchen utensils, and other supplies. Shelves in the hallway can be used to store such items as bags, shoes, hats, keys.

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When renovating your shelving, first determine your needs and create a plan accordingly. Determine what you will be using the shelves for and what materials you will be storing. Next, determine the color, texture, and pattern of your shelves. You can add energy and vitality to your home by making a choice compatible with the bright colors of spring.

When organizing your shelves, group your items and place them accordingly. You can increase your storage space by storing spice bottles, cookbooks and kitchen utensils together on kitchen shelves. You can keep things organized by keeping shoes together, bags together and keys together on the hallway shelves.

Therefore, renovating your shelves can be a great way to prepare your home for spring. Besides renovating the decoration of your home, you can also create an organized and useful storage area. When freshening up your shelves, identify your needs, choose vibrant colors, and organize your items accordingly. So you can feel the fresh and colorful spring air in your home.

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