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The 6 most common mistakes when vacuuming the house – My Home

Do you know the 6 most common mistakes when vacuuming? People often talk about their scariest tasks at home, like cleaning the oven or scrubbing the toilet. Any practical suggestions to make this tedious work easier would definitely be a nice tip or hint.

What people don’t talk about as much are the tasks that they actually enjoy, or at least hate less. These house cleaning tasks may be more popular because they have an immediately visible result, such as: B. cleaning glass or mirrors, or because they can be done easily. Vacuuming the house also falls into this category.

A freshly fluffed carpet or a clean floor are household chores that need to be done immediately. If you’re one of those people who says, “My broom doesn’t clean like it used to,” you might want to check out these suggestions before thinking about buying a new broom. Here are the 6 most common mistakes when vacuuming the house…

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Running your vacuum cleaner quickly over the carpets and floors may seem to result in a good clean, but if you’ve forgotten about your TV picking up dirt, for example, you shouldn’t expect your carpets to stay clean for long.

Cleaning slowly and trying to reach every dust accumulation as much as possible will prevent the dust from returning to its original state after a short time. Slow vacuuming also gives your washing machine more time to suck up all the crumbs.

Sweep in different directions

The 6 most common mistakes when vacuuming the house

Vacuum regularly and then change direction. This strategy can help you avoid missing stains on hard floors. This is particularly important on carpeted floors. As you move the vacuum head across the carpet, simultaneously push and pull it back and forth in one direction. Unless it moves vertically or back and forth in the same direction, dust and dirt can hide.


We have a vacuum cleaner, so we don’t need to vacuum with a regular brush, right? NO. Before you start vacuuming, you should remove dust from places that the vacuum cleaner head cannot reach. This way you can also clean the areas that the vacuum cleaner cannot reach.


I once knew a parent who vacuumed up his children when they left their LEGOs on the floor. Not only will this cause children to become upset the next time they’re looking for the part they need to complete their Lego race car, but it will also harm your machine.

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Before vacuuming, pick up items such as paper clips, rubber bands, glass, or large pieces of paper that could break the machine’s components.


An overloaded vacuum cleaner is the most common cause of a machine seemingly losing suction power. An overloaded hopper will not only affect performance in the short term, but can also cause damage to the machine and, over time, cause the engine to overheat, leading to a serious breakdown. This error shortens the overall lifespan of your vacuum cleaner. Be sure to always empty the trash can or replace the bag.

Be sure to clean the filter


Clogged air filters, like overfilled trash cans or bags, restrict airflow and cause a vacuum cleaner to lose suction power. You should never wash your filter without reading the instructions for use. Disposable filters should be replaced on average every six months. Washable filters should be washed approximately every three months. As always, please refer to your owner’s manual for details about your machine.

Fixing these common vacuuming mistakes will not only save you from having to purchase a new machine, but will also keep your current machine running like new.

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