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The must-haves of the young room – Elle Decoration

It is very important for children and young people to have a space that meets their needs for a healthy educational life and of course for their mental and physical development.

Children’s and young people’s rooms take up a very large part of their lives. Their spaces, which they understand as their personal spaces, have a major impact on both their educational life and their mental and physical development. So what do we need to know to properly decorate our children’s room?

First of all, the renovation of the bed in the children’s room will have a significant impact on the children’s lives. A more comfortable, healthier bed helps children get a good night’s sleep, and sleep is an important issue for children of this age. For this reason, you should offer your child a bed that is as healthy and comfortable as possible. When choosing a bedroom set for teenagers, we recommend that you consider their taste, style and desires. Alternatively, you can look for models for teenage rooms.

Toys for young children is also a very important need. It is also important that children have easy access to their toys, are able to collect them easily and have large areas to play with.

Considering that children spend a long time in their rooms, you also need a quality light source. Therefore, a useful and stylish lampshade also increases the quality of light in the room and protects the child’s eye health. The topic of light is very important, since eye problems in children increase when they read books/texts intensively in class. It should be noted that most eye problems are related to studying in low light.

It is also very important to prevent children from sitting at desks all day. Sitting in a chair continuously for more than 1 hour can cause serious health problems by compressing and blocking the veins in children’s legs. To avoid this problem in schools, a break is taken every 50 minutes and it is recommended that children get up and walk around and open their leg veins. Buying an alarm clock that reminds your home worker to get up from their desk every 50 minutes can be a logical option. Yes, setting alarms on smartphones is also a solution, but it’s not practical. Many kids will be too lazy to set an alarm on their phone while they’re in class. But if it’s a simple hand movement at the head of the table, a mechanical or digital alarm clock that can be set up in a second or two will help the child manage their time in a healthy way.

A wise solution would be to hang a basketball hoop on the wall of his room to allow him to move around during breaks or even to open up his leg veins by jumping and bouncing a bit. Of course, throwing a heavy basketball into the room will cause everything in the room to break. For this reason we recommend that you don’t forget to buy some soft plush balls for the child to throw in the basket.

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