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They gave the kitchen a whole new look with just one color change – Evim

This 1970s kitchen looked pretty overwhelming with its dark brown cabinets and bold design. Colors that did not reflect the incident light caused the room to become darker.

The landlady, Chantal, loved the wood and retro vibe of this farmhouse, which was immaculate at the time of purchase. However, the kitchen seemed too dark. Brown floors, brown cabinets, dark countertops… Overall, the kitchen looked pretty stuffy.

“Also, there was a wall and closet space blocking the view through the beautiful curved window in the adjoining living room,” says Chantal. He wanted to give the kitchen a brighter, brighter look while still taking advantage of the outside views.


Not wanting to dismantle the cabinets, Chantal decided to make color changes. In addition, part of the wall to the hall was removed. So the bright and perfect view from the window in the living room could now also extend to the kitchen.

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“My father was an artist, so I decided to paint on the walls. I used leftover paint for the pictures I painted on the walls. So the patterns matched the rest of the house.” says.

The renovation didn’t end there. New kitchen appliances were purchased, countertops replaced with white quartz countertops and the sink renewed. This renovation took about three months from start to finish.


Bohemian touch for the old kitchen from the 90s!

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