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Home » Too much cleaning is harmful! How often should you clean the house? – My home

Too much cleaning is harmful! How often should you clean the house? – My home

How often do you have to clean the house? Is it okay to brush every day? The recommended frequency for a deep clean is once a week. In addition to this cleaning, however, we also carry out general cleaning almost every day.

A clean house means comfort and health. Dirt and dust give rise to typhus, dysentery, cholera, lice, helminths and even simple acute respiratory infections. In addition, dust and dirt from factories, automobiles, thermal power plants, and soil can cause lung disease, allergies, and central nervous system complications.

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If your home is on the first, second, or third floor, you may need frequent cleaning, humidifiers, and ionizers. Because according to the evaluation in the noise and gas maps, these loads can rise up to the 3rd floor.

Noise pollution is a nightmare for upper floors. The lower floors are lucky in this regard. In addition, the upper floors are target plates for the exhaust gases escaping from the chimneys. For this reason, city dwellers should also be careful when airing the house. Because they are more exposed to dirt than fresh air.

Accordingly, it is not a good idea to keep the windows open all day. Unless you live in an ecologically clean part of the country, airing the house 2 or 3 times a day for 15 minutes is enough.

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NO. You shouldn’t clean the house too often. There are three reasons for this;

one- Scientists in Norway have been monitoring the well-being of men and women for 20 years. They found that women who cleaned frequently had a 3 to 4 percent higher risk of developing asthma. In addition, exhalation was significantly reduced in housewives and professional cleaners (provocation of asthma and pulmonary insufficiency). According to experts, the reason for this was the irritating effect of household chemicals. In fact, women who clean a house, apartment, or office too often ruin their health, as do heavy smokers. This was not the case for men.

2- A European study has shown that frequent cleaning of the garden and home is harmful to both men and women. The subjects studied throughout the year had been cleaning instead of exercising. Due to the lack of rhythm, no breaks and uneven loading of muscle groups, scientists found her health to be compromised.

3- Immunologists around the world, He discovered that people who live in apartments and do a lot of cleaning are susceptible to seasonal diseases. This is due to weak immunity. Because the body doesn’t learn to fight the aggressive environment, it’s easier to get seasonal diseases.

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You can clean your house once a week so as not to affect your health too much and not reduce the body resistance of your whole family.

If there are no pets in the house, the parents are working and the children are studying, there will not be much dirt in the house. Even if there is a cat or dog in the house, all his efforts will not be enough for him to fill the entire house with fluff and dust no earlier than in 5 days. Therefore, it would make sense to carry out the cleaning on Saturday, Sunday or Friday evening.

CAUTION: Try to use harsh household chemicals less frequently. You can clean with natural detergents, clean water and a microfiber cloth. After brushing your teeth every day, wipe down your sink with a sponge or an ordinary soapy sponge and you’ll need to use chemicals less often. You can do a deep clean every 1-3 weeks.

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