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Wabi-Sabi style imperfect beauty will simplify your home – My Home

Wabi-sabi styleof this style to customize your home tricks we tell. What we have changes and increases in value over time. Just like wabi-sabi, the simple Japanese lifestyle interpreted with colorful flowers and textures…


You may have heard a lot about wabi-sabi, which is actually a Japanese lifestyle. Essentially Wabi simplicity and simplicity, Sabi rich beauty means. When these two opposite words come together, an intense yet simple aesthetic understanding emerges. The underlying philosophy is that nothing is perfect and that is part of natural beauty.

Is it that popular?

It would be good for everyone to take a short break from the visual perfectionism of social media and simplify a little in life and at home. For this very reason, it looks like it’s only going to get even more popular as time goes on. Just like the Danish way of life hygge How…

Wabi-sabi style
Zara house.

How to apply the WABI-SABI style?

Combine organic materials such as wood, stone, metal and linen with forms that are as simple and even simple as possible. Make small and simple additions without disturbing the existing decoration.

For example, do not bother to iron linen covers, napkins and bed linen, but leave everything as it is natural. Because true beauty is a phenomenon that exists with imperfections.

Worn wooden spoons, ceramic bowls with worn edges or worn glass plates… Leave and protect everything that gives functionality to daily life as it is. You can even diversify them on your table by pairing them with the fresh seasonal flowers you collect in the garden.

Don’t confuse wabi-sabi style with minimalism. Because the secret is to take a closer look at things around us and add value. For example, instead of going shopping straight away to decorate your open shelves or buffet, you can prepare stylish and decorative presentations by using old mugs as candle holders or decorating worn-out encyclopedias that you tied together with raw threads with flowers.

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Zara house

Are you looking for a different style of decoration for your home? Then you can be inspired by Wabi-Sabi, which embraces the mystery of the East and the naïve lifestyle of the Far East.


  • Recently, houses in the field of decoration are surrounded by the Scandinavian style. In fact, this style, which is still very popular, is now giving way to another style that is not far from it and has a similar simplicity: wabi-sabi.
  • This style is actually a lifestyle based on Japanese philosophy. His exact birth coincides with the 15th century. It arises as a reaction to the exaggerated decorative styles and the overly ostentatious lifestyle of that time. Wabi-Sabi represents the opposite of this understanding. We can convey this expression in exactly the same way: Discovering the perfection in the imperfect, creating the beautiful with the imperfect.
  • Make Room for the Natural: Because a large part of wabi-sabi embraces the natural, this style of decorating is a style that often makes use of natural materials such as bamboo, raw wood, and rattan. Cast iron and rusty metals are also materials that you can use without any problems, especially for small objects. For example, a cast iron teapot.
  • Just think: since small and plain furniture and noble designs give the sense of spaciousness in the interior, this type of furniture is predominant in wabi-sabi. Also, make sure to make the living spaces as spacious as possible, as it has a side that fits the Japanese philosophy. To achieve this, prioritize functionality. Make space for light furniture and items or items that you can use for different purposes.
  • Accept the mistakes: Don’t throw away the old ones. Think about how to incorporate them back into your existing decoration. Sometimes a peeled vase on a very modern table can give it a very classy look.

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Zara house.
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Scandinavian style – Natural and inviting interior design

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