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Wall Decoration Decoration Ideas & Examples 2023 • DeCombo

Wall decorations Decoration ideas and inspirational examples of wall decorations. Stylish and modern wall accessories. Various types of wall decorations and ornaments...

When you enter a place, the first thing you notice are the walls. For this reason wall decorationis the easiest and cheapest way to add character and style to a room. In addition, hundreds of suitable for every place, taste and budget. different wall decoration has an alternative. In this article you can get inspiration for your rooms. wall decoration decoration ideas and cool of each other Examples of wall decorations we shared good reading 😉

Wall decorations decoration ideas

1. Hang a large format piece of art

Hanging a large work of art is the easiest way to create an assertive wall decoration. This can be a photo or a painting. The work you hang will automatically draw attention to itself with its gigantic dimensions and create an eye-catcher in the room.

The colorful painting above adds color and character to the white walls. In accordance with your room and decoration style; You can choose a landscape, an abstract work or an iconic painting. Be careful: while a work with depth will add freshness to your space, it can suffocate the space by creating the opposite wall effect.

If you have a minimalist decoration, you can create a stylish and charismatic atmosphere by hanging a black and white photo. Or even use your own photo like in the example above. So you can have a special and meaningful wall just for yourself.

2. Add dimension with sculptural objects and metal accessories

wall decoration decoration ideas One of the most ambitious methods among these is to put 3D and extraordinary objects on your wall. If you are tired of the classic paintings and plaques, there are dozens of different types on the market to hang on your wall. Examples of wall decorations You can find. Even better, you can use your own skills to design a special wall accessory for your wall. For example, you can make a geometric sculpture like the one above out of bamboo.

Or you can hang the decorative plasterboard ceiling core, which you can buy very cheaply, on your wall instead of on the ceiling. With a little painting technique, you can create a cool wall decoration like the one above.

Here, on the other hand, coral-like black and white metal particles are suspended in a manner that repeats, trying to balance the sharp lines of the furniture. You can also create a sculptural wall accessory by combining different materials.

3. Split Panel Style

The biggest benefit of using split tables is that they allow for appropriate placement in odd proportions of wall space. For example, 6 planks of wood were used to proportionally decorate the odd wall space above the bed above. The colors and patterns chosen add dimension to the wall behind.

Patterned canvas prints in neutral colors complement the decor and add movement to the room.

These two colorful and large format photographs, taken with a moving subject, are a continuation of each other; It energizes the decoration by bringing the fun concept of summer into the home.

4. Add free-form wall decorations

Design your walls freely with wall decorations made of small pieces with flexible use. The entire wall has been turned into a work of art with these little blue butterflies glued in liquid form onto the concrete wall surface above.

When decorating walls that do not have a clear shape, as above, preference should be given to curvilinear objects rather than full-form frames. In the modern living room here, naturally formed sections of trees are used as wall decorations to add warmth to the surroundings and soften the surrounding geometric shapes.

5. Design a gallery wall

Can’t decide which painting to hang on your wall? Then how about hanging all the pictures you like by arranging them in a format like above? Also, thanks to this puzzle table layout, you can make small additions and subtractions when you are bored.

Combining multiple tables is one of the best ways to organize the large wall behind the sofa. With these symmetrically hung paintings, the colors to be emphasized in the living room are freely displayed.

These four colorful tables add a modern and dynamic feel to the stylish dining set.

Let’s move on to the randomly arranged gallery wall examples… Are you ready to freely mix and match frames of different sizes and colors and treat your entire wall as a blank canvas on which to express yourself? For that you have to do; Create your own collage from your favorite photos, paintings, articles and pictures that you cut out of newspapers and magazines and hang on your wall with appropriate frames. Pro tip: the closer you hang the pictures to the ceiling, the taller and more spacious your room will appear.

Let’s assume there are no rules you need to follow when creating a gallery wall. The variety and density of frames you choose depends entirely on your personal taste and decorating style. If you like assertiveness, you can also design an eclectic gallery wall like the one above.

Or if you have a modern and stylish interior style, you can create a ceiling-to-floor collage using black and white photos and sketches.

If you find that using many paintings together creates a messy and tiring image, this example is for you: The symmetrical appliques at the top and 5 small frames in between; Despite its elegant, balanced and minimalist appearance, it seems enough to decorate an entire wall.

6. Cover your walls with colorful fabrics

Especially if you have a bohemian style of decoration, these wall accessories are for you! You can add a warm and soft feel to your room by covering your walls with your favorite patterned fabrics. You can certainly create aesthetics in your bedroom by hanging a piece of rug or rug on the wall behind the headboard as above.

A tapestry in harmony with the colors of your seating area has an effect on the entire room.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to have a beautiful wall decoration. You can also get an assertive wall accessory by neatly framing a beautifully patterned scarf and hanging it on the wall.

The macrame fashion of the 70s is back! You can add a warm touch to your home by adding color and texture to your blank walls with macrame wall ornaments that you can easily knit or buy ready-made.

Are the above examples too colorful for you? How about hanging this wonderful plain patterned fabric, an IKEA product, on your wall with slats? It doesn’t matter in color or plain; It is important that you choose a fabric pattern that suits your space.

7. Stylish and Magical: Decorative wall mirrors

We all know that mirrors make rooms appear bigger than they are. This effect is maximized by using the large window-like mirrors at the top on two opposite walls.

Mirrors, with their light-reflecting properties, are also ideal for locations that receive little sunlight. You can make your room brighter than it is by hanging a large mirror on the wall far from a bright spot like a window.

And, of course, mirrors add elegance to your walls. If you want your walls to shine and stand out, you can hang classic framed mirrors with gold detailing as above. You can also use mirrors to switch between different wall accessories.

You don’t have to hang a large one-piece mirror. You can also use mirrors more creatively, like in the antique hand mirror wall decor example above.

And the round mirrors, which have been very popular lately, are compatible with many interior styles. Just hanging a round mirror is enough to add style to your wall.

8. Show off your collection with decorative shelves

Don’t have the time or effort to create a gallery wall of your favorite works? Then present your favorite pictures on frames. This way your walls will be less damaged and you can change the pictures and frames at any time.

Needless to say, it is not necessary to use two-dimensional images and photographs for wall decoration. In fact, you can hang whatever you want on your wall. 🙂 You can display a collection or your favorite objects on the wall shelves, for example.

You can display the covers of your books, magazines and records on thin shelves as if they were works of art. So you have both aesthetic and functional walls.

9. Light up your walls with art

Don’t forget to use stylish appliques when decorating your walls. Sconces not only highlight your artworks by illuminating them, but also add aesthetics to your wall with their designs.

Add style to your wall with a sculptural wall light that you can use as a reading light. Wall lamps are one of the most stylish and functional wall accessories.

With decorative fairy lights you can create a magical and romantic atmosphere on your wall. You can even add a personal touch to your walls by hanging your photos with mini clips like the one above.

We hope we share wall decoration decoration ideas has inspired you. Is there anything else that you think should be on this list? Examples of wall decorations If so, please let us know in the comments. 😉

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