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We continue to shop at 81 with the motto “Qua Befits!” • DeCombo

Established in 2016, QUA Granite has grown to become Turkey’s largest and the world’s second largest brand in its sector. It brings aesthetics, quality and beauty to living spaces and continues to expand its domestic dealer network. ERT Yapı Market, the distributor of QUA Granite which started business in Edirne, has started its sixth store on Martyr Police Chief Ertan Nezihi Turan Street.

QUA Granite, the largest manufacturer of engineered granite in Turkey, continues to provide quality service to customers throughout Turkey with its distributors. The new store of ERT Yapı Market, the business partner of QUA Granite in Edirne, which continues to expand its dealer network in 81 provinces with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, was put into operation with the opening ceremony on Wednesday, August 16.

ERT Yapı Market, which has launched its sixth store in Edirne with QUA Granite, will offer live display products and granite products to customers in its store with a total area of ​​13 where QUA Granite combines aesthetics and design with a total area of ​​590 square meters.

speaks at the opening QUA Granite Sales Manager Yasin Erdogan, “As QUA Granite we are gathered here today for the opening of the new store of ERT Construction Market, one of our key business partners, in Edirne. I believe that our ongoing relationship with our ERT Construction Market dealer will continue for many years to come. I wish ERT Construction Market the best of luck that will enable us to expand our dealer network on this journey that we started with the words “QUA fits Turkey”. As QUA Granite, we will continue to contribute to employment in every corner of Turkey.”

Noting the rapid expansion of QUA Granite’s dealer network in 81 provinces, Erdoğan emphasized that as the largest producer of engineered granite in Turkey, the company will continue to offer QUA quality to its customers by expanding its dealer network throughout Turkey day by day .

QUA Granite continues to expand its business partner network, offering services with a total of 88 distributors in 7 regions in Turkey and exporting to more than 100 countries in 5 continents, mainly USA and EU countries.

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