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Home » What are the care tips for Kalanchoe flowers? How to plant Kalanchoe? – My home

What are the care tips for Kalanchoe flowers? How to plant Kalanchoe? – My home

Tips on Kalanchoe flower care, watering, propagation and all the details… Kalanchoe The plant (Fiery Katy), called “Kalanşo” in Turkish, is one of the most popular plants of the season with its colorful flowers. Here you will find all the tips for caring for Kalanchoe flowers…


Kalanchoe plant (Kalanchoe) With its flowers blooming in colors like orange, pink, white and yellow, it is one of the most beautiful plants to have in the home. Kalanchoe, also known as Fiery Katy, belongs to the succulent family. Although the maintenance is very simple, there are still some points that need to be paid attention to.

He loves bright and airy environments. When you take a look inside the house, be sure to choose a regularly ventilated room. Also pay attention to a location away from heat sources (e.g. radiators, ovens). For a bright environment, you should prefer filtered daylight.

Kalanchoe care

Floor: Heather and garden soil mixed precisely with sand are ideal for this.

Light: Place it in a bright place out of direct sunlight from spring to winter and in a bright place in winter.

Heat: It is not good in extreme cold. It cannot develop healthily at temperatures below 5 degrees in the winter months.

The: The water requirement is low. In winter you shouldn’t water too much, but you should also prevent it from drying out.

To help Kalanchoe flowers bloom, you can try our dry yeast plant food recipe: Miracle effect! Making plant food with dry yeast and the benefits of dry yeast for plants (Click here to learn the method.)

Kalanchoe CalandivaKalanchoe Calandiva
Kalanchoe Calandiva


Kalanchoe blooms from autumn to spring. However, the plant stops blooming for a while in summer. It is a plant that does not like heat.

Regular watering and pruning of dried flowers is very important for the healthy development of the plant.

You can lose the plant if you are careful in very cold or very hot environments.

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It is a plant with low immunity. Therefore in a short time Mealybug It is susceptible to diseases such as: If your plant becomes sick, it needs to be removed from the pot and the old soil at its roots cleaned. Visible areas should be cleaned with cotton wool and soapy water prepared on the plant and sprayed with a sprayer. It should be planted in a new pot with new soil and cinnamon powder sprinkled over the soil.

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Propagating Kalanchoe is very simple. Simply break off a branch and plant it back in the ground.

Kalanchoe CalandivaKalanchoe Calandiva


Kalanchoe flew away and wondering what to do? First, Kalancho fly infestation is a common disease. In such a case, the real problem is caused by white organisms in the soil. Remove the plant from the soil, shake off the soil thoroughly, wash the roots and let them dry. Make sure there are no other harmful creatures anywhere on the plant. You can remove these creatures with a brush. Then replant with different soil and pot.


If the Kalanchoe soil is moldy, the problem is that you have overwatered or that the potting soil is in a location that does not receive sunlight. If the flower is in soil that is too moist, the soil should be changed before the roots rot.


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