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What can you do to make plants last longer? – My home

So that plants last longer What can be done? Spring is a season when flowers bloom but need care. You can extend the life of your plants with simple care tips you can use at home.

To keep the potted flowers that add color to your life alive for a long time, it is helpful to know the most important care techniques. Potted flowers need to be placed correctly according to the temperature, light and humidity of the environment.


To create the ideal conditions for the growth of the flower, you can first group plants of the same type. Each month, alternate placing the plants in full or partial shade while the flowers are in light.

Rotate the pots on their axis every fifteen days to ensure that all sides of the plant receive the same light.

Almost every plant needs light. However, since this is often misunderstood, the plants are left in the scorching sun. In this case, it is inevitable that your potted flower will fade.

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Plants don’t need constant water like other living things. Too much water causes the plant to rot. You should water your plant as the soil dries. To know when to water, dip your finger about an inch into the potting mix. If you don’t feel any moisture, it’s time to water your flower.

In addition to watering, you can also spray water on the leaves of your plants to give them a more vibrant look.


So that plants last longer

The leaves of the flowers are cleaned. You should clean the leaves of small-leaved plants by washing them with warm water. Plants with large leaves are wiped with a damp cloth or sponge. The leaves of plants with hairy leaves are cleaned with a small, dry brush.


Root cleaning is important for plants to last longer. Remove the dried roots. Use your hand to do this. Be careful or you will damage the plant.

Potting and changing soil

So that plants last longer

After your flower has reached a certain age and the pot size has been decided, it should be repotted every two years without damaging the roots. You should change the pot and the soil. Spring is the best time to change pots and soil. The leaves of plants whose pots are too small begin to turn yellow from the bottom. You should increase the pots of plants that experience this symptom by one size and replace the soil with appropriate peat (a type of nitrogen-rich soil that you can find in florists).

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Your new pot should be one size larger than the old one.


Since your flower was supplemented with vitamins before delivery to the florist, vitamin supplementation is required every two months. You can increase the fertilization you do once a month in the winter to once or twice every 15 days in the spring. For flowering plants, you should give preference to fertilizers containing phosphorus, and for leafy plants – fertilizers containing nitrogen.

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