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What is a money tree? All details from A to Z – My Home

What is a money tree? The money tree is one of the most frequently heard topics lately. Many people think that they have achieved abundance thanks to the money tree, which symbolizes abundance, abundance and happiness. For this reason, this beautiful tree is known to be found in many homes. According to Feng Shui philosophy, the “abundance plant,” as it is popularly known, brings money and causes many people to achieve abundance and abundance. This plant, native to South Africa, is known to have a bright appearance and is generally more popular and preferred in Far Eastern countries.

In the broadest sense, the money tree is a succulent! This tree, which belongs to the succulent family, is very popular because it brings abundance. One of the reasons why it is preferred is because it is considered auspicious. So if you need a plant that will bring abundance to your home, you can choose the money tree! So what is the Latin name of the money tree?

You can find all the information about caring for the money tree under “Pachira Money Tree Care Tips!” You can find it in our article “Pruning, Watering, Propagating”.

What is the Latin name of the money tree?

Pachira money tree care, watering, propagation
Pachira money tree

The money tree is one of the trees whose name is of Latin origin. For this reason, the money tree has many names in different languages. If you want to buy the money tree but you don’t know the name of this tree in other languages, you can get all this information in our article. The money tree is known as the money plant, fertility plant or money flower in Turkish and other Turkish dialects. In English it is called Money Plant and in Latin it is called Crassula Ovata. It is known that the belief that this tree, very common abroad, brings abundance comes from Feng Shui philosophy.

What are the characteristics of the money tree?

What is a money tree?

The money tree has many distinctive physical properties. However, you need to know the characteristics of the money tree to learn many details, such as: B. How the money tree you like and want to buy will look in your home and whether it is a money tree or not. In general, the characteristics of the money tree include the following:

  • It can grow up to 15 meters high.
  • It can survive all year round without dropping its leaves.
  • Since it is not a poisonous plant, there are no cases of poisoning from the tree.
  • Its leaves appear to be quite large and shiny.
  • In the winter months it can withstand cold temperatures as low as -5 degrees. For this reason, it is considered a tree that can adapt to harsh conditions.
  • It is known for its interesting flowers. However, unlike other trees, this extremely magnificent tree opens its flowers not in the morning, but in the evening. This property distinguishes it from other tree species.
  • The flowers of the tree smell extremely pleasant. That’s why it’s loved by so many people.

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