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What is bohemian style home decoration? Guide 2023 • DeCombo

what is bohemian? What does bohemian style home decoration mean?? bohemian decoration how do you Bohemian style furniture, accessories and light selection. room by room Guide to bohemian home decor: Bohemian living room, bedroomKitchen, bathroom and dining room decoration...

Inspired by free spirits such as travellers, actors, artists and writers bohemian stylehas become a global trend, especially in recent years. In different parts of the world, people not only wear bohemian style clothes but also decorate their houses in bohemian style. Would you like to reflect the free, colorful and innovative bohemian style in your home design? In this article, “what is bohemian” And “how to make bohemian style home decoration‘ from A to Z, where you can find answers to the questions bohemian decorating guide we shared Happy reading! 🙂

Note: Before exploring bohemian decorating style, don’t forget to read our article below to discover your own style among the most popular decorating styles in the world!

What is Bohemian? What does bohemian style mean?

What is Bohemian?

bohemian The word comes from the French word “La Boheme” which means “gypsy”. bohemian style It was first started by people in Bohemia, a region with a dense Gypsy population in the past. bohemian lifestyle, 19th-century artist, inspired by the nomadic life of adopted gypsies; expresses a carefree, leisurely and comfortable lifestyle. what is bohemian For today’s answer to the question “A man who lives carefree, free and miserable day after day without thinking about the future” we can say

What does bohemian style decoration mean?

Bohemian style decorationIt originated in Paris in the 19th century. Artists and writers who believe that creativity is worth more than money have created a lifestyle inspired by the nomads, i.e. the original bohemians. This new way of life, which rejects the rules and reflects their culture and ideals, bohemian decoration showed his style. bohemian decoration style also, It’s a decorating style that embraces the different, throwing aside the rules and aiming to overthrow standards of beauty.

bohemian decoration styleis an unconventional, personal and exotic way of designing living spaces. The only rule is that there are no rules!

bohemian decoration in the style, modern decoration There are no strict rules that need to be followed like there is with style. Patterns, textures and colors can be mixed as desired. Bohemian aesthetic is based on being personal and comfortable. Home textile in bohemian styleIt should be done for one’s own taste, not for the taste of others.

All decoration styles You may be a little confused about how to apply the bohemian style, which is the freest style in your home, to your home. Here is a place “bohemian” Some decorating ideas that make: 🙂

How to create bohemian home decor?

Choose a neutral color background

Home textile in bohemian style First you need to decide on the background color. warm earth tones bohemian style Ideal for With such complex decorating styles, using a neutral background that will tie together the colors and patterns you are going to add will make your job easier. Choosing a color that you won’t get bored with over a long period of time, such as walls, bohemian decoration You can get rid of a chaotic and compelling start.

Mix vibrant colors

bohemian decoration When it’s mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is vivid and bold colors. All sorts of colors from pink to purple, orange to green bohemian style You can see it at home. Although there is no clear rule about color, metallics, jewel tones and warm earth tones are widely favored in a bohemian style. Particularly; brown, golden yellow, electric blue, fiery orange, purple and other jewel tones; You can see it in bohemian furniture, accessories and rugs.

The secret of a perfect bohemian style decoration lies in the right combination of warm colors.

Home textile in bohemian style while, Mixing patterns and textures do not be afraid. Shop colorful and patterned textiles from around the world for fun and exotic accents. Colorful fabrics and carpets on your seats You can use it as a wall accessory. You can use white strategically to reduce the clutter created by the bohemian style and balance the environment.

Bohemian style furniture designs

Bohemian style furniture It can be difficult to find their designs in stores. bohemian houses It usually contains special furniture collected over time. For this reason thrift stores and antique shops bohemian furniture are the best places to buy. Home textile in bohemian style Every piece of furniture should be something special and tell a story. The good thing is that you don’t have to buy the furniture in a set, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You are free to browse the stores and have fun, buying each piece separately. When it comes to compatibility, don’t worry; If you like it, it will fit perfectly. 😉

Bohemian style furniture Another trick is to choose comfortable and low furniture. The closer the furniture is to the floor, the more authentic the surroundings appear. In addition to the low sofas, throw pillows and poufs of various sizes and patterns are scattered throughout. bohemian decoration essential for you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your living room by completing it with colorful rugs and floor cushions.

A bohemian living room should create a sit-and-stay feel.

Bohemian home accessories

bohemian home accessoriesThey look like they were bought at a local market in an exotic country. Usually with a special meaning, history and experience. home accessories preferred. Home textile in bohemian style You can use meaningful accessories that tell a story, such as family heirlooms or handmade items or items you collect while traveling.

Accessories should tell your story, so highlight your favorites!

bohemian home accessories The Secret of Use to mix and match. For example, you can pair an ornate chandelier and thick gold-framed mirror with tapestries, vintage bottles, maps, or assorted tiles. Also, their materials should have a slightly worn look; must be undamaged, shiny and new. tassels, handknit and macrame details; Throw pillows, curtains and blankets create a comfortable and intimate bohemian atmosphere.

Be a maximalist

bohemian decoration style It’s the exact opposite of minimalism. minimalist and modern decoration While there are no unnecessary items in the style, bohemian style allows you to display as many items as you like! Really bohemian style You can think of a home as an art gallery where you display your personal belongings. What we mean here is consciously assembling items that have value to you rather than hoarding them. Leave a mark of you everywhere in your home; Show off everything you love and collect over the years!

Think of a bohemian home as an art gallery displaying your personal belongings. Leave a mark of you everywhere in your home; Show off everything you love and collect over the years!

add levels

Home textile in bohemian style Another golden rule of thumb is creating layers. Rugs and rugs, stacked cushions and slipcovers give your home a bohemian character. It also allows you to use different patterns and colors together.

With the layering method, you can create a cozy and bohemian atmosphere in your home while camouflaging your old and damaged furniture.

Layers are also a clever way to hide old or damaged furniture. You can cover your items with layers of fabric for a stylish and bohemian look. Each layer you add adds style and bohemian flair to your home.

Note: Learn how to mix colors and patterns professionally Patterned fabric and color combinations in the decoration Don’t forget to read our article!

Decorate with plants

Plants are an easy and inexpensive way to add style to a room. Also inspired by nature bohemian decoration is at the heart of his style. While adding eye-catching colors to your home with different plants, you also purify the air. Greenery, succulents and interesting exotic plants hanging from the wall hanging pots add to the bohemian character of your home.

Get creative with flower pots and vases to complete the bohemian look. Choose interesting and characteristic designs. For example, you can use wicker baskets or sculptural vases to display your plants.

Bohemian wall decoration

bohemian wall decoration The selected accessories should (even if not) give the impression of being on the road a lot. 🙂 If you don’t have the luxury of walking around collecting trinkets from all over the world, you can find interesting pieces for your wall by visiting vintage and antique shops. In addition to artistic accessories with traces of different cultures, you can also hang your own wall decorations on the wall. Just be bold and highlight the most extraordinary pieces!

Add metals and mirrors

Metallic surfaces and mirrors, which are the distinctive features of bohemian decoration, makes your living room appear more spacious than it is. You can set accents in your room and create a stylish and sumptuous look with glossy surfaces.

Bohemian lighting

For a bohemian look, chandeliers and pendants are different, as well as floor and table lamps, wall lamps, lanterns and candles. types of lighting you should use Today’s global design markets offer lighting designs in various shapes and styles. It also applies to the question of shedding light on the “mix and match” manifesto of bohemian decoration.

Would you like to learn how to apply the bohemian style in different rooms of your home? At work, bohemian decoration for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and dining room Examples:

Examples of bohemian style home decoration

Bohemian living room decoration

Bohemian bedroom decoration

Bohemian kitchen decoration

Bohemian style dining room decoration

Bohemian style bathroom decoration

Bohemian style study room decoration

We hope the above Examples of bohemian home decoration has inspired you. To discover new styles furnishing styles to read our article; for inspiration on various topics decoration And house decoration Don’t forget to visit our pages! 🙂

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