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What is vintage style? Be careful when purchasing vintage furniture – My Home

Vintage is actually a decorating style that encompasses all styles. It includes many art movements from the 20s to the 80s, but also forms and motifs that are influenced by economic and political movements. However, what makes vintage vintage is that it still bears the marks of everything it has experienced or seen.


If you are interested in vintage and want to awaken your sense of style, the best thing you can do is watch old films. The stage decorations in the sets take you back to the earliest times and give you clues about the decorative concept of the time.

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Since the upholstery and shine of any solid-framed furniture can be renewed, it makes sense to pay special attention to the joints and frame when purchasing vintage items. Apart from that, there are a few points that should be taken into account when buying furniture:

Vintage style

Try it as if you were using it at home

– Try it as if you were using it at home: if you bought a bed, lie on it. Check whether the drawers of items such as nightstands and dressers open easily.

Check out its durability

– Check durability: Consider the durability of the connections and, if not, how much the repair will cost. When purchasing wooden furniture, make sure there is no rot. It is very difficult to restore waterlogged wood.

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– Impacts: If the furniture has suffered impacts, it is not that difficult to repair them. Most of the time, such damaged old furniture can be purchased very cheaply. Any unevenness can be concealed with furniture filler and a contour pencil in the color of the polish. However, we should not forget that we call vintage things that look old on their own. Sometimes these effects can increase the attractiveness of the furniture.


– Upholstery: Make sure there are no holes or tears in the fabric of the upholstery products you purchase. However, sometimes we want to buy a piece of furniture because we like the style of the furniture so much. In such cases, if there is a crack in the upholstery, it is necessary to thoroughly inspect the sponge. Since you usually think of moths when you think of holes, it may be necessary to completely replace the mattress area.

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