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What style should winter tables have? Recommendations from experts – My Home

Sometimes you don’t even notice how time flies at a table. Either the conversation is so sweet or the table is so tastefully prepared that your guests will be amazed. You can make these moments even more unique with style suggestions and creative ideas for inviting winter tables.

What style should the winter tables have?

What style should winter tables have?
  • Wooden service, textured ceramics, unpainted surfaces and oxidized appearance are among the materials that go best with winter tables. They increase the heat dose through their sound.
  • To bring the magical atmosphere of snow-white snow to your table, place snowflakes, decorative silver items and metal items with a shiny surface on your table.
  • Rustic chalet-inspired tables guided by raw materials are in fact the style that makes us feel the warm indoor atmosphere of winter the most.
  • Are winter tables only set indoors? NO. At a winter forest table in the middle of nature, you can let your guests feel the warmth of wood and natural materials.
  • Decorative arrangements made from real fruits like pomegranates and walnuts are undoubtedly the best additions to winter tables.
  • Even the darkest jewel tones like emerald, sapphire and ruby ​​can create a dramatic effect on your tables. You can achieve impressive results on a wooden table or with wood-look fabrics.
  • It could be an ideal theme for those who don’t like dark services. You can also create a welcoming atmosphere by combining bright white dishes with pink flowers on a dark background.
  • The winter season seems to be associated with shades of brown. For this reason, you can bring coffee, chestnut and chocolate tones to your table. You can even decorate your table with real coffee beans, chestnuts and chocolate.
  • Use lots of textures on your table. You can use textures on anything, such as burlap table runners, textured knitted candles, and basket-textured cutlery.
  • Mix! You don’t necessarily have to buy a winter set. You can also make a winter costume by transforming what you have and covering it with fabrics.
  • You can place winter-specific plants and flowers on your table. For example, Chinese apple, pine branches, cochina…


What style should winter tables have? What style should winter tables have?

What style should winter tables have? The answer to the question was given by food and decoration stylist Gamze Bursa.

In the winter I like to use different styles for the tables I set. Depending on the style of your guests, you can choose a classic and elegant style for winter table decoration. You can combine silver cutlery with plain colored plates, candlesticks and candles such as white and black. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t add creative and different ideas to this classic atmosphere that will give your table a theatrical atmosphere…


I usually like to place candles and flowers in the middle of my table. In winter I choose my flowers in shades of burgundy, red and orange and add vegetables and fruits such as tangerines, limes, lemons, small eggplants and cherry tomatoes, which I string on dry branches or sticks. I place candles that match the tones of my flowers in different sized candlesticks.

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To create height in the center of my table, I place books covered in wallpaper or fabric in shades that match my table. This way I have different heights to place my objects.

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To create a more eye-catching atmosphere at your table, you can choose your napkins in eye-catching colors and place them in your wine glasses. For this type of table I use two different placemats – rectangular and round. If there are tones that complement each other, the table will look very ostentatious.

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Another suggestion I have is to prepare a table with a more natural theme. Decorate your chairs with faux fur and accessorize your table with logs and wooden services. With pine cones, animal figurines, wooden service and large candles on wooden trays as accessories, you can create an atmosphere as if you were eating in front of the fireplace in a chalet. For this type of tables, you can choose between checkered fabric and wool fabric tablecloths. Felt or hand knit placemats would look great. You can even decorate your water glasses or jugs by cutting off the sleeves of your unused sweaters.

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