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What to do if the grass thins and turns yellow in winter? – My home

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It is a very common problem that the grass becomes sparse and yellow in winter. You can follow some of the steps below to solve this problem and ensure your lawn comes through the winter healthy:

Grasses must be renewed within a certain time after planting. In the second half of the month you should carry out aeration, sowing and fertilizer supplementation. You can also cover the corrupted areas with spread grass. This is a faster method. Before going through this entire grooming process, is the type of grass you have chosen appropriate for your location or not? You should check this out.

Lawn care:

  • It is important to prepare the lawn well before winter comes. Mow the lawn regularly in the fall to the ideal cutting height. This means that the lawn is more exposed to the sun.
  • By aerating the lawn in the fall, you can ensure that the soil receives more oxygen and offers better water permeability. This will make the grass roots healthier and stronger.


  • In the winter, the lawn may need less watering than in the warmer seasons. However, it is important to water the lawn regularly and lightly during a dry spell or prolonged frost. This prevents the grass roots from drying out.
  • It is better to water the lawn early in the morning, especially in winter when there is not enough rainwater. This gives the grass more time to absorb the water and water evaporation is low.


  • Proper winter fertilization of the lawn will help strengthen the roots and keep the lawn healthy. In the fall, you can apply a low-nitrogen fertilizer in preparation for winter. This does not encourage the growth of green leaves, but instead focuses on root development.

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Weeding and weed control:

  • Weeds and dead grass that form on the lawn in winter can result in the lawn not getting enough air and light. It is therefore important to regularly weed the lawn and remove dead grass. In addition, you can prevent weed seeds from becoming lodged in the lawn by aerating the lawn.

Types of grass suitable for winter conditions:

  • Choosing the right types of grass is important to keep your lawn healthy in winter. Choose grass species that are hardy and perform well in cold weather. You can use it in your garden by researching the types of grass suitable for your climate.

By following the steps above, you can ensure your lawn has a healthier winter season. In addition, depending on the characteristics of the grass in your garden and the climate of your area, it may be beneficial to enlist the help of a professional landscaper.

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