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Home » You must not sleep with the window open! Here’s why: My home

You must not sleep with the window open! Here’s why: My home

Sleeping with the window open at night ensures fresh air and restful sleep – at least that’s what many people think. Scientific studies have shown the opposite. Experts recommend sleeping with the windows closed.

With the bedroom window open at night, many people believe that fresh air will help them sleep better. But according to a study published in 2020 by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, habit has the opposite effect and can sometimes have fatal health consequences.


In the study, the University of Mainz came to the conclusion that traffic noise at night has a significant impact on one’s own well-being and health – even if one sleeps deeply and only perceives the noise unconsciously.

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How noisy your bedroom is at night depends on several factors, but the main one is the location of your house or apartment. But even when you’re awake, your body releases stress hormones even if there’s a single passing car, which can increase your cholesterol and blood pressure.

If you unconsciously hear traffic noise every night while you sleep, you may be at increased risk of cardiovascular disease and mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. It is better to open the windows 15 minutes before going to bed and in the morning after getting up.

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